Dental braces or ceramic brackets: The best of 3D orthodontics

Depending on your situation and preferences, you may opt for 3D orthodontics to refine the look of your smile.
Presently, dental braces and orthodontic treatments with ceramic brackets are very easy to integrate into the daily routine of any child, adolescent or adult choosing to undergo a procedure to smile with confidence once again.

What is 3D orthodontics?

3D orthodontics is a new method permitting orthodontic patients to receive a treatment tailored to their specific needs. With this new technology, the realignment of teeth is now easier, faster and more effective!

At a first consultation, Dr. Carrier will use innovative digital technology to get a detailed overview of your teeth and offer orthodontic treatment that meets your specific needs.
You will then have the choice of opting for treatment with dental braces or with ceramic brackets to begin the correction of your smile.


Dental braces with metal casings:
traditional orthodontics

This is the most popular choice in orthodontics, a technique with proven effectiveness!
Metal casings treat all types of dental malformations.
Dr. Benoît Carrier will be able to answer all your questions during your first visit to the Repentigny dental Center.

Orthodontic treatment with ceramic brackets

This method is increasingly used in orthodontics. This type of treatment has shown the same efficiency as the metal casings of conventional dental braces.

The difference between these two options lies in their appearance: ceramic is a material that imitates the natural color of teeth, which provides more discretion to the patient. This type of device can treat all cases, even the most severe.

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Dr. Carrier offers orthodontic treatment and supervision at two addresses in the Greater Montreal area. You can seek consultation at the Repentigny and Amari dental Centers.
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