A discrete orthodontic solution available at the Repentigny dental center and the Atwater dental center

Using advanced computer planning technology, treatments are fast and precise, Dr. Benoît Carrier is one of the few doctors to have practiced lingual orthodontics for years! The main advantage of lingual orthodontics, also often called “hidden orthodontics”, is that the whole treatment proceeds in a discreet and essentially invisible manner to the naked eye. Gentle and as effective as more traditional treatments, lingual orthodontics is an option most appreciated by the patients of Dr. Benoît Carrier.

What does lingual orthodontics consist of?

Functioning in a manner very similar to 3D orthodontics and conventional braces, lingual orthodontics is an increasingly popular treatment for dental patients across the world.

In this type of treatment, the orthodontic casings are placed on the inner side of the tooth and are therefore positioned to be practically invisible to an external eye. Although the care and supervision that accompany lingual orthodontics differ from other conventional orthodontic treatments, the results obtained at the end of the procedure are excellent!


Lingual orthodontics: discretely correct your smile

When choosing lingual orthodontics, you can continue to go about your daily activities without anyone noticing any particular change to your appearance.
Certain patients require a short period of adaptation to adjust their speech within hours of initial treatment, but most patients supervised in lingual orthodontics at the Repentigny dental center by Dr. Carrier are pleasantly surprised to find that treatment integration does not interfere with their daily activities.

Why choose the Repentigny dental center for the supervision of a lingual orthodontics treatment?

Based on Dr. Carrier’s renowned expertise, the Repentigny dental center is proud to offer its patients a fully personalized follow-up by one of the most recognized professionals in esthetic dentistry in Quebec.
With lingual orthodontics, the only thing others will notice when looking at you is a brighter smile and renewed confidence!
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