Reputable orthodontic treatment and supervision starting at $ 75 per month!

Because we know that trust and self-esteem are priceless, the Repentigny and Montreal dental team aspires to offer its patients flexible payment methods adapted to all situations.
You can benefit from Dr. Carrier’s services starting at $ 75 per month!
Of course, each case is unique, and the final price can only be fixed after the preliminary examination of your dental condition that will be carried out at your first meeting.

Our orthodontic treatments are payable with various methods of payment and financing:
* Monthly financing
* Cash payment
* Visa
* MasterCard
You could also take advantage of certain tax deductions depending on the treatment you have received.


Options adapted to all situations

Would you love to be able to smile without worrying about how others react?
According to scientific studies, the average adult smiles more than 7 times a day!
Stop putting off what you can start today, the orthodontic and esthetic dentistry treatments offered at the Centre dentaire Repentigny and Centre dentaire Amari by Dr. Benoît Carrier are a lasting commitment to personal self-esteem.

We offer a wide variety of payment and financing methods that allow you to easily integrate the costs of this self-investment into your budget.
If you have any questions about treatments and follow-ups in orthodontics and esthetic dentistry offered by our two dental centers, please contact our team today!

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