Orthodontic treatments adapted to your situation, your budget and your expectations and a professional and regular follow-up by a renowned doctor in esthetic dentistry.

Orthodontic treatments: smile at life!

Considering orthodontic treatments is an investment for life! Orthodontics is one of the most in-demand esthetic dental treatments in Quebec every year.
The reason is simple, this treatment gives patients the confidence to bring out their best smile at any time of the day!
In recent years, the field of orthodontics has seen several new techniques and technologies change the nature of its practice. It is now entirely possible to integrate orthodontics into your daily life without having to fear the aesthetic impacts and physical discomfort that are too often wrongly associated with modern orthodontic treatments.

Orthodontic treatments offered by Dr. Carrier

Invisible orthodontics
with Invisalign aligners

Offered from adolescence, orthodontic treatment via Invisalign aligners is a discreet and user-friendly way to correct imperfections in the dentition of patients. With the ability to be removed during meals or tooth brushing, these removable polystyrene moulds are appreciated by numerous patients in orthodontics supervised by Dr. Carrier.

Hidden or
lingual orthodontics

This type of treatment is very similar to traditional braces, except that the outfitting in this case is placed behind the teeth rather than on the visible surface. Also called lingual orthodontics, this treatment is intended for patients wishing to avoid the more obvious esthetic impact of traditional braces and therefore, no one will notice them. No one will know you’re wearing braces!

3D orthodontics: classical orthodontic treatment reviewed and corrected

Oubliez l’époque des broches imposantes, l’orthodontie 3D offre désormais un traitement plus esthétique et confortable aux patients de tous les âges. Que vous optiez pour les boîtiers métalliques ou pour des bagues en céramiques, vous obtiendrez avec l’orthodontie 3D des résultats rapides et efficaces.

Choose Dr. Carrier

No matter which of the options listed above you choose, you will always receive personalized treatment and supervision from a doctor in our dental centers.
Trust Dr. Carrier’s expertise and know-how for orthodontic treatment that will fit any budget and lifestyle needs.

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